Геймърскa механична клавиатура Kingston HyperX Alloy Core RGB

Статус: наличен


Производител: Kingston

107.91 лв.

Тип аксесоарGaming
Тип клавиатураМембранна
Структура на бутонитеВисоко профилни
LED подсветкаRGB (16,8M)
Мултимедийни функцииДа
Макро бутониНе
Включена мишкаНе
Размери443.20 x 175.31 x 35.68 мм
Тегло1121 гр.
ДругиПълен размер

Гаранция: 24 месеца

Kingston HyperX Alloy Core RGB

Ultra-compact tenkeyless keyboard tuned for FPS pros.

Featuring HyperX’s signature radiant light bar and smooth, dynamic RGB lighting effects, the HyperX Alloy Core RGB™ is ideal for gamers looking to enhance their keyboard’s style and performance without breaking the bank. With six different lighting effects and three brightness levels, it balances both brilliance and budget. Crafted with a durable, reinforced plastic frame, the Alloy Core RGB was constructed for stability and reliability for gamers who want a keyboard that will last. The soft-touch keys have a tactile feel, yet are tuned to be quiet, and they also feature gaming-grade anti-ghosting functionality and key rollover. It’s spill resistant, tested to withstand 120ml of liquid, so beverage accidents won’t put an end to your game. The dedicated media controls and quick-access buttons for lighting and Game Mode place control right at your fingertips. Keyboard Lock allows you to lock your keyboard down without having to put your entire system on standby. The Alloy Core RGB is stylish, well-featured and durable, making it a great all-around multimedia keyboard for gamers.
  • Signature light bar and dynamic RGB lighting effects
  • Durable, solid frame
  • Quiet, responsive keys with anti-ghosting functionality
  • Spill resistant
  • Dedicated media controls
  • Quick access buttons for brightness, lighting modes, and Game Mode
  • Keyboard Lock Mode

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