Геймърски комплект FURY Thunderstreak 2.0 NFU-1370 клавуатура, мишка, пад и слушалки

Статус: наличен

Код: NFU-1370

Производител: Fury

69.99 лв.

59.99 лв.


Гаранция 24 месеца
Предназначен за Настолни компютри
Х-ка 1 Additional 12 function keys, anti-ghosting for most keys and extended bottom of the frame for wrist support. The keyboard has special water drainage holes in case of accidental spillage.
Х-ка 2 Furthermore, with a special DPI switch on the top of the mouse, you can change DPI level to 4 variants even during the flight. Last but not the least feature is a LED backlight which gives a feel of complete character.
Х-ка 3 Thanks to parameters such as Speaker Dynamics at 108 dB, Frequency Range 20-20000 Hz at 32 Ohm impedance, the gamer is given the right sound level and the very sensitive microphone on the swing arm makes pleasant communication with allies.
Х-ка 4 Thunderstreak pad is made of high quality material that reduces friction of the mouse surface and guarantees high precision of tracking it’s movements.

Fury Gaming combo set 4in1, Thunderstreak 2.0 keyboard + Mouse + Headphones + Mousepad, US layout

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Цена: 59.99 лв.
Доставка: 8.00 лв.
Такса наложен платеж: 0.72 лв.
Общо: 68.71 лв.


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