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Облъчвател MikroTik LDF 5 ac, 716 MHz, 256 MB, 1xGE, 802.11a/n/ac, 9dBi, Dual Chain

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149.99 лв.
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Ограничена наличност
Марка: MikroTik Продуктов No: 23376 Код: RBLDFG-5acD Гаранция: 12 месеца
Информация за доставка Този продукт е със статус Ограничена наличност и може да бъде при вас в рамките на 2 работни дни. Цената за доставка е 6.99 лв. за един брой.
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Цена: 125.99 лв.
Доставка: 6.99 лв.
Такса наложен платеж: 1.51 лв.
Общо: 134.49 лв.
Manufacturer:  MIKROTIK
Type specification:  Routerboard
Technical specification
Indoor use:  no
Outdoor use:  yes
Placement:  adapter (plastic cover)
Ingress protection:  IP54
Operating temperature min./max. (°C):  -40/+70
Sensitivity (dBm):  -96 (6 Mbps) to -70 (MCS9)
NAND (MB):  16
Max. operating temperature (°C):  70
Min. operating temperature (°C):  -40
Data Rate (Mbps):  867
PSV:  <1,7
Power control:  yes
Gain (dBi):  9
Angle of radiation - V. (°):  60
Angle of radiation - H. (°):  60
PoE-in:  passive
PoE-out:  ne
Number of Cores:  4
Processor:  Qualcomm IPQ-4018, 716 MHz
Memory size (MB):  256
Chipset:  Qualcomm IPQ-4018
3G support:  no
4G/LTE support:  no
Network interfaces
LAN:  yes
Gigabit LAN:  yes
Wi-Fi:  yes
Standard Wi-Fi:  802.11a/n/ac
Operating Frequency:  5150 - 5875 MHz
Port Speed:  1 Gb/s
Max. output power (dBm):  25
Standards:  802.11a/n/ac
Operation mode:  Client
Antenna type:  internal
Inputs and outputs
RJ-45:  1
Interface:  LAN, Wi-Fi
RS-232 port:  no
Output to Ext. antenna:  no
Power supply
PoE support:  yes
Power consumption - typical (W):  8
Input voltage (V):  10 - 28
Max. Voltage (PoE) (V):  28
Min. Voltage (PoE) (V):  10
Operating system
Operating system:  MikroTik RouterOS
License:  L3
SIM slot:  no
Default IP:
Default username:  admin
Physical properties
Color:  white
Dimensions:  115 x 84 x 84 mm
Height (mm):  115
Width (mm):  84
Depth (mm):  84
Additional equipment and features
LED indication:  no
LED indication:  yes
Certification mark:  CE, FCC, IC, EAC, RoHS

MikroTik LDF 5 ac (RBLDFG-5acD)

The LDF (Lite Dish Feed) is an outdoor wireless system with a built in antenna, meant to be installed on satellite offset dish antennas. The dish will act as a reflector, amplifying the signal.

This means you can use any available satellite TV dish with an offset mount to quickly deploy powerful long range wireless links. The offset mount is universal at 40 mm diameter, and the LDF can easily be placed inside it. Since the LDF itself is a tiny little package, it makes shipping and deployment simple and low cost. LDF 5 ac is equipped with a Gigabit port and supports 802.11ac for higher throughput. Using a dish of up to 100 cm in diameter, it is possible to obtain antenna amplification of up to 33 dBi. The device comes preinstalled with RouterOS and is ready to use.





Processor: IPQ-4018 716 MHz, Quad-Core
Memory: 256 MB RAM + 16 MB Flash
Ports: 1x RJ-45 10/100/1000 Ethernet port
PoE support: yes (passive 10-28 V)
Standard: IEEE 802.11a/n/ac
Frequency Range: 5150-5875 MHz
Data transfer rate: up to 867 Mbps
Antenna: internal, 9 dBi gain, 60°
Dimensions: 115 x 84 x 84 mm

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